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I grew up in a very conservative Presbyterian church and am new to the ministry of the Holy Spirit. What books do you recommend so I can learn more about the Holy Spirit's supernatural ministry?

Experiencing the Spirit
by Robert Heidler
This is the book that I have all my church members read. My college mentor recommended it and it's the best book out there in my humble opinion. It's a great aid to those who have no grid for supernatural manifestations. Heidler is a former cessationist and Dallas Theological Seminary professor (before he resigned) and he writes with amazing clarity about the ministry of the Spirit.
This book includes Jack's journey from cessationism to being baptized by the Spirit. A large portion of the book is an exegetical study bringing forth a Biblical basis for the continued manifestation of spiritual  gifts and miracles. Jack is a former Dallas Theological Seminary professor (it seems all the former cessationists write the best books on the Holy Spirit).
They Speak with Other Tongues 
by John Sherrill
I purchased and read this book in 2005 because surprisingly, tongues was the last spiritual gift that I embraced. I just found the gift so intellectually offensive. This book is a journalist's investigation into the glossalalia phenomenon (a fancy term for tongues in an unknown language) and it really helped me to "get over it"!

What are some books on leadership that you'd recommend?

21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
by John Maxwell
When I was an NYU student, an upperclassman in my campus ministry handed me this book. The first book I read on leadership and still one of the best.
Spiritual Leadership
by J. Oswald Sanders
A great book on Christian leadership that I've used countless times in my leadership training for campus ministry and the local church. A bit archaic but there is plenty of meat to chew on in this book!
How to Win Friends and Influence People
by Dale Carnegie
A classic book that covers the essentials of influencing people positively through honor, wisdom, and love. The book is not written from a Christian perspective but it has mentored countless CEOs, sports coaches, teachers, lawyers, politicians, etc. with  over 15 million copies sold to date.  My mom gave it to me as a teenager and it wasn't until college that I finally read it and was blown away by its wisdom.

My church is dry like a bone when it comes to prayer.  What are some good resources on prayer?

by Jim Cymbala
While I was serving on staff with Korea Campus Crusade for Christ at Columbia University, the Lord led me to visit Brooklyn Tabernacle Church's Tues night prayer meetings. I was strongly impressed by the power of the church's prayer movement and became really interested in the church's story (which is brilliantly presented in the book). Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire was the main inspiration that sparked New Philadelphia's prayer movement.
by Bill Hybels
The first Christian book I ever read in my life! I was a senior in high school and had just come home from the Urbana '96 missions conference. This was one of the books that I bought at the conference and it is still one of the best on prayer! Bill writes without all the Christian jargon and offers practical advice and insight for those wanting to make prayer a priority!
by Cindy Trimm
For those who are Spirit-filled and have had seasons of intercession under your belt, this is the book that will take you to another level! Dr. Trimm hits you with revelation, insight, and gives the reader immediate vocabulary to pray strategically. No other book has equipped my church better in teaching us how to warfare. After you study this book, you'll be tramplin' on the enemy with authority!

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