Friday, January 7, 2011

Revival of the Blog

XangaBack before facebook, there was a furiously popular online blogging site called Xanga. I heard Xanga is still around but not many people are on it anymore. Two reasons led to their demise. One was their poor decision toward an annoyingly cluttered interface. And two, facebook.

Facebook has taken the world by storm since 2005. Everybody and their
mother is now on facebook!  Literally, my 1st generation, computer-
challenged mom is now on facebook looking at all my pictures!
For those who don't know, Xanga used to be where everyone went to rant, rave, post the latest news, complain, vent, and gossip. Xanga is also where online stalking got established as a normal habit of internet usage.  Back in my Xanga days, I had hundreds of subscribers and I would obsess over posting great entries because I sought eprops and comments like an addict obsesses over his next hit. Once I got 136 eProps and 70 comments on one entry (although I admit that it was my engagement story entry and most people were congratulating me)! But starting in 2005, facebook took the world by storm and Xanga simply did not have the anointing to keep up. As I write this, I honor Mark Zuckerberg for blessing us with a great, uncluttered platform in which to connect with friends and family. But after spending countless hours looking at pictures, videos, status updates, and wall posts, I have found my soul gravitating back toward blogging (blog is short for web log, it's like an online journal). Facebook is great but in it there is no real space to express oneself deeper than a status update. You can write a "facebook note" but those get rarely read because the formatting options are so dead (and people's facebook attention span is about 6 seconds).

Blogger's interface is really smooth, bug-free, and
easily customizable!
I feel like the world is ready to swing away from tweets and status updates.  There will always be a place for short updates but people are yearning for depth in their social interactions.  If good bloggers will seize this moment, I believe quality and helpful blogs will once again find a place right next to the most popular twitter accounts.  And with smartphones being the latest craze, I'm confident good bloggers will find even more readers than there were in the good 'ole Xanga days.

I've tested out tumblr and twitter and what can I say?  I was not sold.  I plan to utilize those accounts but I've chosen blogger as my main platform.  Since so many people have a gmail account, I think blogger will be the most popular.  And in my humble opinion, I think it is the easiest to setup and most customizable and beautiful of all the blogging platforms I've tried.

So here it is y'all, welcome to my new blog "Favor Like a Shield".  There will be lots of personal entries but because I believe I've been blessed to be a blessing, I also plan to post up helpful content: things like tutorials, tributes, product reviews, restaurant reviews, travel advice, articles about life in Korea (where I currently reside), interesting viral content, personal thoughts, and advice/wisdom for life - content that businesses, magazines, newspapers, and Hollywood may not get to.  Bottom line: I hope you find this blog a blessing and a site worth coming back to!

A recent picture at a TGIF in Korea with my wife and friends.


  1. so excited about this awesome blog!!! yippee : )

  2. PC, you're a good writer too! It would make sense, since you're a great speaker.